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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sixteen more days to go!

As Salam!

Guys.... As you all know, today is 10th August 2011. There are 16 more days to go. And, guess what. I’m so nervous about this matter. Only ALLAH knows my feeling right now.

I’m soOooOOOooooOOoo nervous to meet him on this 26th August. The plan is, I’m going to fetch him at the airport on that day. It was requested by him; three to five months ago, if I’m not mistaken. At first, I was a bit surprised with his request. When I think about it over and over again, then I’m OK with that. But now, it has turned out to something else - I'M SO DAMN NERVOUS!! hihihi...

whatever it is, i have to face it, right? :) and guys, please pray for me... and i hope that everything run smoothly as planned... InsyaAllah & Amiin!

"apek, sy risau ni... walaupun dah kenal since 2007, tp prasaan ni semacam baru plak kite mengenali antara satu sama lain.. huhuhu"

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